SOURCING & Global Trade

To Domestic Companies(export):
MIB is a consulting company who helps to the companies whose aim is to take place in the global market.

Since it’s inception, MIB continued to help (SME) small and medium ranged companies in Turkey to build up an efficient foreign trade strategy and enter new markets. With its qualified staff,MIB provides domestic companies the best options, best markets and best opportunities to take place in the global market.MIB believe long term business relationship, perspectives & alliances hence MIB works trustworthy companies in Turkey who would like to spread to the Turkish market.

Having a good experience of years in foreign trade, sales and marketing in the global market with the know-how of the open paper market; reaching the right customers and understand them is our business

MIB can summarize our business principles as follows;

Visiting to customers every 15 days
Listen to the customer’s problems
Take an order of the IMPORTANT mission
Not only just taking the order but also with following the order,to give information to the customer of every step of the operation.
Sending the original documents to the customer in order to make them take the goods.
Payment following
Finding new customers
Building bridges with the customers.

MIB proposal is to try to cooperate business with clients for a beginning trial period and show our ability of business in this period.

Managing the foreign trade departmant by our consultancy and providing team-support.
Providing support to all the export, import and customs transaction operations.
Serving as a consultant for the companies that just started to export and help them to increase the efficiency.

To Foreign Companies(import):

MIB are the Turkey’s leading consumer goods sourcing and logistics company. We add value for our customers by responsibly managing the entire supply chain and are committed to achieving the highest standards and meeting their needs through competitive pricing,quality, and reliable delivery.

We leverage our extensive global network,depth of experience,market knowledge,and advanced technology to respond rapidly to evolving consumer and production trends. As one of the Turkey’s largest sourcing and distribution platforms, our customer relationships, supplier network, and operations are unrivaled.


We collaborate:We work closely with our customers to meet their individual needs.Our individual teams of experts work closely with customers, assessing their needs and using market research, retail and fashion trend forecasts, and innovative technology to design the right supply chains to deliver their products.

We innovate: We develop products and customize services for our customers. Whether customers come to us with a specific direction or need our help in conceptualizing products, our creative teams are there every step of the way. Between brainstorming, designing and prototyping, we make sure their vision becomes reality. We also innovate in designing the best supply chain solutions to optimize pricing, quality, quantity and delivery of products, enhancing speed to market.

We source: We source great products from suppliers in whole Turkey.We evaluate factories based on their capability to supply the right product and based on their commitment to quality, safety and compliance. We work with over 1000 suppliers in multiple ways to meet our customers’ needs.

We oversee: We have a hands-on approach to managing every aspect of the supply chain from concept to completion.We operate leading-edge systems and programs to help our customers meet quality needs, industry standards and local requirements, whether it’s orchestrating quick-response production or overseeing compliance at the factory level.

We deliver: Our logistics network operates around the clock to get products where they need to be.We’re not just about moving things from one place to another. We analyze each customer’s needs, anticipate challenges, design options and set up contingency plans so they never have to worry about the journey.We offer a customizable menu of logistics solutions, from warehousing, transport, repacking, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, hubbing and consolidation, and other value-added services to make delivery easy.


We make research on factories to find out the one which is just suitable for your product line,price range,and also your working conditions.
We take your samples and inquiries to at least 3-4 companies in order to get the best price.
When we receive your order sheet,we experiment it very carefully to have the best understanding according to your demands.If something is not clear,we immediately contact with you for further assistance.
We translate all the informations in to native language and we establish a meeting with the supplier.We go over every detail until no question marks remain.We make daily inspections and advise manufacturer until sampling or pre-production step is over.Only after,we send your samples just the way as you requested.We also check if the right colour lab-dips are prepared and sent for your confirmation.
After all points are cleared in-house,we ask the factory to make us sample and we do shrinkage tests.
If there are more test requested by your side,we follow your advice..We do not confirm the fabric to be cut until everything is confirmed by your side.We control garments starting from stiching stage.If any problem occurs,we solve it right in the beginning.So no more last minute suprizes come up.After sewing is finished,we reqularly check out your orders.

What are advantages working with us in Turkey, Africa and USA ?

First of all,not all of the suppliers may be suitable for your production needs(quality-capacity-specialization)for this reason we offer the mosty proper factory for you.
So you have choice!

When you are finished with all your design preparations,you can let us to take care of all the collection production step..
So you have time to sell!

When you place your orders on our company,you will get alternative prices from different factories.Each of them will be aware of the up-coming price.
So your suppliers are in competition!
Our delivery date is 6-8 weeks after all confirmations are given.
So you may think more clearly for variable seasons!

You may be able to check out your garments at the very end stage of your order.(in your port) if something goes wrong,you loose time,customer,and money..But,when you work with us,you will be sure that your garments will be controlled starting from the yarn purchasing.
So you have control!