How Can We help ?

If you are considering to opening up a new affiliate, starting a new office, making an investment, acquiring a partner or establishing a new partnership or if you have just done so, MIB can be your partner in achieving this challenging task in all aspects of your requirements.

Our experienced professionals can;

  • Understand your specific business needs and advise on how to adopt to managements needs in the Turkish, Usa & Africa market.
  • Advise on Turkish,Usa & Africa markets.
  • Assist you in all stage of establishing a fully function company.
  • Help you set up your organization in a way that can succeed in the dynamics of Turkish,Usa & Africa market.
  • Advise on statuary, corporate and regulatory compliance.
  • Advise on antitrust and unfair competition.

We can provide you services in the following areas;

  • Market assessment, go-to-market strategy development, and company formation.
  • Location selection.
  • M&A advisory.
  • Audit services, accounting and financial reporting advisory.
  • Tax services